High quality coupled with sophisticated detailed solutions, that's Marex.


Marex is continuously developing its range of models. Over four decades of boat production and testing have produced excellent results for owners. Marex has the most enviable reputation for combining high-quality craftsmanship and marine technology at competitive prices. The company is proud that loyal customers are returning to their fourth and fifth Marex models.

New boats from stock

Marex 360 CC

Year built
Overall Length 11.49 m
Width3.49 m

EUR 551'560


Marex 375

Year built2023
Overall Length 11.99 m
Width3.45 m

EUR 563'837


Marex 440 Gourmet Cruiser

Year built2024
Overall Length 13.70 m
Width4.27 m

EUR 994'932


New boats to order

Marex 310 Sun Cruiser

Year built
Overall Length 9.46 m
Width3.24 m

EUR 242'700


Marex 330 Scandinavia

Year built
Overall Length 9.99 m
Width3.40 m

EUR 328'159